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The Ryan Foundation reaffirms commitment to the Corning Education Foundation

The Ryan Foundation reaffirms commitment to the Corning Education Foundation

The Ryan Foundation committed $570,000 to the Corning Education Foundation in August 2019.

The Corning Education Foundation benefits the Corning Community School district, students, teachers, and alumni in Corning Iowa. The vision of the organization is to enhance the educational experience offered in Corning by using private grants and scholarships. The desire of the Corning Education Foundation is to encourage and reward innovation and achievement in the classroom both now, and in the future by providing educational enrichment opportunities.

The donation will be utilized over a five-year period from 2020-2025 to fund the Ryan Scholarship program, which intends to fund the post-secondary education of Corning graduates pursuing degrees in biology and other STEM designated fields of study. The donation will also be used to fund the Wayne and Eileen Ryan Teacher of the Year Award to recognize excellence among the Corning Community School Teaching Staff.

Dr. Ryan grew up and attended school in Corning Iowa, where he credits longtime Corning High School principal and science teacher, Ralph Currie, and librarian, Anna Craft, for their inspiration. Miss Craft would save scientific publications for Ryan to read about the scientists whose biographies he found fascinating. Dr. Ryan decided the best way to honor these mentors, and future generations of Corning students was to offer an annual Outstanding Teacher Award along with a scholarship program known as the Wayne Ryan Science Scholarships. Dr. Ryan’s goal with the establishment of this scholarship program was to support students that share his interest in pursuing a career in science. Dr. Ryan and Eileen began this scholarship and outstanding teacher award program with the Corning Education Foundation in 1999. From 2000 to 2017 the Ryan Foundation donated over $450,000 towards these programs.

To learn more about the Corning Education Foundation, please visit their website.