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The Ryan Foundation Continues Support of Healthcare with Donation to Heart Ministry Center

The Ryan Foundation recently donated $700,000 to Heart Ministry Center in August of 2023.

Since its inception in 1982, the Heart Ministry Center has been a beacon of hope for individuals seeking sustenance, healthcare, and a pathway forward in life, all delivered with a genuine and compassionate touch that resonates deeply within the Omaha Community.

At the core of the Center's offerings are the four foundational pillars that thread through all program services, extending support to deserving members of the North Omaha neighborhood and beyond. This extraordinary approach sets them apart in the most heartwarming of ways.

In 2020, the Center welcomed Mark Dahir as its CEO. With a wealth of experience and having played a pivotal role in the significant growth of HMC prior to assuming this leadership position, Mark's impact has been profound. His years of dedicated volunteering were instrumental in expanding the food distribution program, and in 2020, he innovatively introduced a drive-thru method, prioritizing safety and efficiency while effectively meeting the surging demand for food during the pandemic.

The Heart Ministry Center's journey is steeped in a rich history, propelled forward by countless compassionate souls. It's this collective spirit that has guided them to their current place of love. Throughout the years, they have steadfastly upheld their core values: Compassion, Community, Accountability, and Excellence, all united in their shared mission to serve the community of North Omaha.

For more information about Heart Ministry Center, please visit their website.