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The Ryan Foundation Supports Senior Healthcare with Donation to Servants of Mary

The Ryan Foundation recently donated $277,000 to American Province of the Servants of Mary in July of 2023.

The Servants of Mary comprise a devoted Catholic community consisting of women religious and dedicated lay associates. United by their calling, they are driven to embody the tender presence of God, mirroring the spirit of Mary, in their interactions with all they encounter in their ministry.

Part of the broader international community known as the Order of Servants of Mary, their Motherhouse is nestled in Omaha, NE. Their members span across the nation and around the globe, sharing a resolute commitment to a life steeped in prayer, community, and devoted service.

At the core of their mission lies the endeavor to exemplify God's merciful presence, inspired by the spirit of Mary. Grounded in the teachings of Jesus, who implored all to "Be compassionate as your God is compassionate," they wholeheartedly follow his example, guided by the gentle hand of Mary.

For more information about The Servants of Mary, please visit their website.