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The Ryan Foundation Supports Women’s Education with Donation to Bethlehem House

The Ryan Foundation recently donated $42,000 to Bethlehem House in June of 2023 to help fund scholarships for women pursuing college degrees.

At Bethlehem House, they aspire to ensure every child steps into a future filled with promise and possibility. While the arrival of a baby is undoubtedly a precious blessing, for some, an unexpected pregnancy can introduce a new layer of uncertainty and challenges into an already unpredictable world.

Bethlehem House is more than just a temporary refuge; it's a warm and nurturing family environment. They have a range of essential services designed to support you in caring for yourself and embracing the arrival of your little one. They firmly believe that families grow stronger when they stand united.

Their mission is clear: they are dedicated to offering a haven, hope, and empowerment to pregnant and parenting women facing crisis, irrespective of their faith orientation. Through life-affirming services deeply rooted in the rich tradition of Catholicism, they aim to be a beacon of support and strength during this transformative journey.

For more information about Bethlehem House, please visit their website.