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The Ryan Foundation continues support for fund in honor of Fr. Henry Casper

The Ryan Foundation donated $500,000 to USA Midwest Province of the Society of Jesus, Inc. in April 2022.

The purpose of this donation is to continue funding senior healthcare expenses of the Midwest Jesuits that are currently living at the St. Camillus Community Residence in Wauwatosa, WI. The donation is intended to honor the late Fr. Henry Casper, who was a dear friend and mentor of Dr. Ryan.

The St. Camillus Jesuit Community is designed to provide healthcare services for up to fifty men with needs ranging from assisted living to full nursing care. Jesuits live in community from the time they enter the Society, and this community life is a hallmark of what it means to be a Jesuit. Since there is no mandatory age when a Jesuit retires, his life of service often extends into his senior years. It is not surprising to find senior Jesuits in their late seventies and eighties in active ministry, living in a local Jesuit community. Jesuits take a vow of poverty so that they are dependent entirely on their community for support. While Jesuits may serve as pastors, professors or presidents of a school, their vow of poverty impacts the benefits available later in life. As a result, when a Jesuit’s health requires that they receive additional care, he has no personal resources, pension or benefits from their previous institution. The current cost, depending on the level of care (independent, assisted, skilled, palliative, hospice, memory) ranges from $6,000-10,000 per month.

To Learn more about the St. Camillus Community residence, please visit their website.