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The Ryan Foundation supports initiatives at the Bethlehem House of Omaha

The Ryan Foundation donated $175,000 to the Bethlehem House of Omaha, Nebraska in March 2022.

Launched by a small group of Catholic couples looking to create a home for pregnant women in crisis, Bethlehem House formally opened in January of 2005. Their women’s boutique, The Humble Lily, was founded in 2015 and provides a steady revenue stream to help support their mission and provide workforce training for their residents. The aftercare program launched in 2018 consistently serves over 75 families monthly. A 15-unit apartment complex for graduates is currently operating and accepting applications. In the coming months, the Organization hopes to move fifteen graduate families into the new apartment building and provide aftercare services for them. Since opening in 2005, over 600 families have been served at Bethlehem House.

Of the $175,000 donation, $50,000 is being gifted for Educational Scholarships, $65,000 is being gifted for Transportation and Maintenance Grants, and $60,000 is being gifted for a renovation project at the Bethlehem House.

To learn more about the Bethlehem House, please visit their website.