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The Ryan Foundation Supports Catholic Education with Donation to Skutt Catholic High School

The Ryan Foundation has recently committed to a significant donation of $3,000,000 to VJ & Angela Skutt Catholic High School, with the funding set to begin in March of 2023.

Established in August 1993, V.J. and Angela Skutt Catholic High School is a testament to the successful fundraising efforts undertaken during the Archbishop's Campaign for Educational Excellence from 1990 to 1993. The school was christened in tribute to two notable Omaha citizens, V.J. and Angela Skutt, for their relentless efforts in championing Catholic education and other beneficial services for the local youth. Mr. Skutt, the long-serving CEO of Mutual of Omaha, and his wife, Angela, were unflagging in their support for these causes.

As an Archdiocesan, co-educational, and college-preparatory institution, Skutt Catholic High School provides education to students in grades nine through twelve. Its mission is focused on nurturing and educating young people to become Christian leaders, empowered to foster justice, advocate for positive change, and influence others. The school’s curriculum is designed to align students with the teachings of Jesus Christ within the framework of the Catholic Church community, encouraging them to maintain moral conduct based on Catholic principles, strive for intellectual excellence, develop an understanding of themselves and society, and build personal integrity.

The inaugural class of Skutt Catholic High School graduated in the spring of 1996. These early graduates, now in their middle ages, are active contributors to society in various sectors including business, education, and community service. They continue to make a significant impact as responsible citizens, engaged voters, and committed parents. The over 4,000 SkyHawk alumni reflect the enduring principles instilled by Skutt Catholic such as respect for others, civility, character development, critical thinking, and overarching values of justice and sacrifice, as they continually reinvest these values back into society.

For additional information about VJ & Angela Skutt Catholic High School, please visit their official website.