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The Ryan Foundation Supports Low-Income Mothers with Donation to Project Intentional

In March 2021, The Ryan Foundation made a charitable donation of $77,183.05 to Project Intentional Inc.

Project Intentional Inc. has the distinct aim of supporting single and low-income mothers in the metropolitan Omaha area. They strive to enhance their well-being and dignity by offering access to essential goods free of charge. The organization distributes a range of items such as toys, clothing, necessities, groceries, and feminine products. These provisions are made available to eligible women during the holiday season, while feminine products are provided year-round.

Operating under the mission "Intentionally restoring dignity in women and families one project at a time", Project Intentional Inc. plans to establish hygiene banks across Omaha, including in high schools, to assist individuals who otherwise can't afford these resources. Moreover, they emphasize their annual event, the Winter Wonder Land Emporium Holiday store. Their goal for 2023 is to support approximately 1,500 mothers in need, a move that will directly impact about 4,500 individuals in the metro area.

Project Intentional Inc. collects items throughout the year to distribute to mothers in need. Their mission is to ensure no child or mother in the Omaha metro area goes through the holiday season without receiving a gift, thus making the season more joyful and the burden lighter.

For more comprehensive information about Project Intentional Inc., please visit their official website.