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The Ryan Foundation Supports Senior Assisted Living with Donation to New Cassel Foundation

The Ryan Foundation made a notable contribution of $743,375 to the New Cassel Foundation Omaha, Nebraska in April 2023.

New Cassel Retirement Center is a compassionate community that is dedicated to providing a range of quality services, celebrating the inherent dignity, and enhancing the overall well-being of aging individuals. The Center was established by the School Sisters of Saint Francis and continues the healing ministry of Jesus Christ.

The vision of New Cassel Retirement Center is to create a loving familial community that evolves as aging individuals continue their life's journey. This is achieved by implementing their Christian values and innovative practices.

Their mission is put into action based on Christian values of respect, compassion, responsiveness, and hospitality. These values manifest through respectful attitudes, activities, and services that honor the sanctity of life and the dignity of all individuals. Compassion is displayed by offering exceptional care and empathy for those in greatest need. They exhibit responsiveness by addressing the needs of each resident and current community requirements with sincere interest and concern. Hospitality is shown by warmly welcoming residents, their families and friends, and everyone from their community.

The New Cassel Foundation further supports the mission and ministry of New Cassel through various fundraising efforts throughout the year.

For more detailed information about New Cassel Foundation Omaha, Nebraska, please visit their official website.