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The Ryan Foundation Supports Senior Healthcare with Donation to Midwest Jesuits

In April 2023, The Ryan Foundation generously donated $500,000 to the USA Midwest Province of The Society of Jesus Inc.

The Midwest Jesuits, as they are popularly known, are recognized for their extensive involvement in education. However, their services extend to areas with the greatest needs, ranging from underserved urban neighborhoods in Detroit to educational initiatives in Kenya, from the vast prairies of Pine Ridge, South Dakota, to isolated areas in India. They collaborate with laypersons in numerous international endeavors, including notable organizations like the Jesuit Refugee Service.

Furthermore, Midwest Jesuits and their associates provide support in emotionally challenging environments. They serve as military chaplains, providing guidance and comfort to soldiers far from home, as prison chaplains accompanying inmates on a path towards reconciliation, and as hospital chaplains offering prayers for healing alongside patients and their families. Their pastoral roles extend to various other settings. The Midwest Jesuits address a multitude of issues, from fostering interreligious dialogue in countries torn by strife to advocating for education access and environmental justice. They also pioneer innovative education models like Cristo Rey and Arrupe College. Inspired by Saint Ignatius of Loyola's vision, the Jesuits continue to serve on the frontlines of mission and ministry.

Founded in 1540, The Society of Jesus saw the formation of the USA Midwest Province on June 5, 2017, following the merger of the Chicago, Detroit, and Wisconsin provinces.

For more detailed information about the USA Midwest Province of The Society of Jesus Inc, please visit their official website.