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The Ryan Foundation Supports the Gift of Life with Donation to Mater Filius House of Nebraska

The Ryan Foundation recently donated $192,500 to Mater Filius House of Nebraska in December of 2022.

Mater Filius of Nebraska functions as a crisis pregnancy home for women. Their mission differs from other crisis pregnancy homes as it is volunteer run, it is a program that incorporates Catholic spirituality in teaching life skills to our clients, and they will accept mothers with other small children into the house. They are an apostolate of the Archdiocese. The first Mater Filius Nebraska home was opened in January of 2014 after obtaining 501C status in 2012. Mater Filius Nebraska is the second Mater Filius house opened, with the original house opened in Mexico City. The original Omaha location was on the grounds of St Anthony’s parish and was moved to its current location on the grounds of the St. Peter and Paul parish in August of 2016 after the sale of the St Anthony’s property by the Archdiocese of Omaha. They are in the former convent on the parish grounds and are currently limited by the size and age of the building. Their Mission Statement is “To safeguard and assure the well-being of the newborn life and the dignity of the mother. They work to provide support and resources to protect and nurture the lives of mothers and their children. Defending Life with Love!”

For more info about Mater Filius House of Nebraska, please visit their website.