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The Ryan Foundation Supports Medical Rehabilitation Programs with Donation to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

The Ryan Foundation recently committed to donating $500,000 over 5 years to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals starting in December of 2022.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals provide physical medicine and rehabilitation services to children and adults throughout the nation. They rehabilitate those who have sustained injuries or disabling conditions so they can fully participate in life; lead research to improve outcomes; and prevent disabilities and promote wellness through community programs. Madonna’s Lincoln Campus was founded 64 years ago. The Omaha Campus opened six years ago. In the past five years, Madonna has served patients from 37 states and nearly every county in Nebraska. Madonna is a national leader in specialized rehabilitation for children and adults with brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, stroke, serious pulmonary conditions, neurological diseases, cancer, burns, amputations and Post-COVID-19. Madonna treats some of the most medically complex patients while exceeding national averages in returning patients back to a community setting. Additionally, Madonna patients make greater functional gains during rehabilitation and discharge at a higher functional level compared to national averages.

The Ryan Foundation provided a gift of $500,000 over five years to fund pressing needs within Madonna’s Pediatric Rehabilitation Program. The Gift would aid with critical Staffing Needs, technology needs and pediatric patient equipment.

For more information about Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, please visit their website.