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The Ryan Foundation Supports Community Initiatives with Donation to Society of St. Vincent De Paul Omaha

The Ryan Foundation has recently made a significant donation of $750,000 to the Society of St. Vincent De Paul Omaha, executed in March 2023.

The Society of St. Vincent De Paul Omaha has been devoted to aiding their neighbors in need since 1868. They provide spiritual support, friendship, and service; assisting with emergency food, clothing, financial aid, in-kind support, and efforts to prevent homelessness.

This network of friends, driven by Gospel values, fosters personal growth in holiness and contributes to the development of a more equitable world through personal connections with, and service to, those in need.

Committed to serving the poor, low-income, and homeless families in their community, St. Vincent De Paul Omaha is dedicated to acknowledging the diversity of the people they serve and their staff members. They strive to cultivate a work environment that stimulates the freedom of ideas and opinions in a climate of mutual respect.

Their programs and interactions are enriched by accepting each individual as they are, by recognizing their unique attributes, as well as their shared traits. This approach helps to foster a community spirit, celebrating the variety of experiences and backgrounds that make up their organization and those they serve.

For more comprehensive information about the Society of St. Vincent De Paul Omaha, please visit their official website.